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Understanding Dementia Care Live Webinar

Wednesday, May 29, 2024 • 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT


Event Details

At our organization, we prioritize the comfort and safety of those living with dementia and their care partners. In order to achieve this, we host regular dementia training programs for our community. These programs are designed to educate and increase awareness of dementia, providing individuals and organizations with the necessary knowledge and skills to offer better care and support for those with the condition.

We offer a variety of training programs catering to different professions and audiences, including first responders and healthcare professionals. By doing so, we ensure that everyone has the appropriate knowledge needed to work with individuals living with dementia safely. Join us in our efforts to increase understanding and awareness of dementia and provide better care and support for those affected by the condition.

Topics that will be discussed at the Wednesday, May 29th Webinar:

  • Types of Dementia
  • Effective Communication Strategies
  • Cultivating a Positive Environment
  • Strategies to Manage Dementia-Related Behaviors
  • Self-Care for Caregivers & Preventing Burnout

Venue Information

This event takes place online.

Organizer Information

Dementia Spotlight Foundation

17244 U.S. 41
Spring Hill, FL 34610
+1 (888) 695-1596

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